10 Advantages Of Curtains Over Blinds


When it comes to the lining kind of your house, the method that you cover your windows is an extremely important decision, and one that really should not be taken lightly. Consider some of the top features of curtains over blinds.

Curtains add visual elegance to some room


Where both vertical and horizontal blinds just cover your window and add little or no
towards the appearance and feel in the room, curtains as well as their fittings put in a certain style.
Curtain poles are available in a multitude of styles, from simple metal curtain poles to
wood effect ones. Finials (the decorative ends in the curtain poles) will comw with
in most shapes and forms, so you will definitely find a style that suits your living area.

When open, curtains frame a window beautifully, setting up a border which can be lacking
with blinds. Whether pulled up as well as to along side it, blinds only cover of the question, whereas
curtains can hang below and also to the inside from the window. Tying curtains back adds
some elegance which blinds cannot offer.

Curtains and curtain tracks or poles may be bent to fit a bay window

Even though some custom vertical blinds could be bent to the model of a bay window, a vertical
blind will take away the stunning effect and then leave the area looking similar to an
office. A curtain track or curtain pole can be made to determine and bent to accommodate
a bay window and also the curtains will once more add elegance and style. Curtain
tracks are also more flexible and could be manufactured to fit a larger range of bay windows.

Increased fitting flexibility

A few of today’s modern-day windows and patio doors open inwards leaving little
space to fix. With curtain tracks that can be no more than 5mm and some that may
even be recess fixed in to a ceiling, this will leave lots of space for any window
or door to open up inwards.

Curtains provide insulation

Typically blinds are thin and gives minimal heat insulation into a room. Compare
this having a lovely warm list of curtains which not simply maintain your heat inside but
also cut draughts as they are able hang below the window ledge, unlike blinds which
stop just across the ledge. Curtains can even be interlined with a thick material
to add extra heat insulation.

Hand, cord or electric operation

Curtain tracks and curtain poles might be hand operated in order that a variety of curtains
can run on one window. This gives curtains of widths and drops
to stack at different locations around the window. In addition they can also be operated
being a blind using a cord to avoid handling the curtains or electrically for the
extra security as well as a touch of luxury.

Easy to keep clean

Blinds could be dust traps, especially horizontal ones. As increasing numbers of individuals are suffering
from asthma and mud allergies, curtains really are a healthy choice, requiring little
desire to keep these things neat and presentable. The tracks and poles need little servicing
along with the curtains need only be vacuumed or dry cleaned about the odd occasion.

Need a new look and feel?

Although white or cream blinds will are part of most room styles and colours,
they certainly nothing to enhance it. Curtains can match your room, or may be
decided to enhance or contrast with it. Redecorating? Not an issue, just choose new
curtains to complement. Curtains can also have trimmings and contrast edges to choose
out other colours space. Buttons might be added to pleats, cord can be
included with edges or pleats as can a contrast trimming. Curtains give a much wider
scope for design.

Curtains could be controlled remotely

As pointed out above, electric curtain tracks can be fitted which allow you to control
your curtains straight from your armchair. Though it feels like the
height of laziness, you will find there’s practical aspect to electric curtain tracks. When
away, people typically use automated light-switching devices but have to
leave curtains or blinds half open. Electric curtains may be set to open and shut
at set times each day, giving the impression that a person is home. Alternatively
a lightweight sensor can be added to close and open the curtains together with
the daylight hours.

Curtains are easy to hang

Need to change your curtains? Simply unhook them from the curtain pole, attach
the hooks to your new curtains and away you go. Replacing custom vertical blinds can
involve unhooking each blind in the next, unclipping every one carefully (the
plastic is straightforward to snap), then checking whole rigmarole in the opposite direction
to put them back up. Other blinds should be removed in one, which makes it easy to
damage them since they are taken down or put back up.

Reliable and cost effective

Because of so many working parts or fiddly clips, blinds are usually less reliable than
curtains on a track or even a pole. Combining curtains with a good, reliable curtain
track or pole can be a more cost effective option; especially as curtain prices
happen to be greatly reduced because the introduction of ready-made and express curtain
making services. And when your needs change, you can simply hang new curtains
in your existing track or pole.

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